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Units are not available for these parameters, so the field has been removed from this table.

 FieldName     Description                              Type
 ------------  ---------------------------------------  ----
 UTY           Year (0-99)                                 S
 UTD           Day of year (1-366)                         S
 UTH           Hour of day (0-23)                          S
 StatusMagnet  Status-bytes magnetometer (r. just.)        C
 StatusPlasma  Status-bytes plasma (right justified)       C
 StatusWave    Status-bytes wave (right justified)         C
 StatusSuleic  Status bytes suleica (r. justified)         C
 DataRate      Datarate (1, 2, 4, 8)                       B
 SpinPeriod    Spin period (sec)                           R
 MinElevation  Minimal elevation                           R
 MaxElevation  Maximal elevation                           R
 SCS_GSE       SCS to GSE matrix (3*3-Mat. F77-layout)   9 R
 Latitude      Latitude                                    R
 Longitude     Longitude                                   R
 Calibration   SURVEY calibration factor version           I
 MagCorCoarse  Magnetometer offset corr. course (3)      3 I
 MagCorFine    Magnetometer offset corr. fine   (3)      3 I
 WaveVNvlf_mf  Wave version numbers of 16 vlf/mf-tab    16 I
 WaveVNfhe     Wave version number  of hfe-table           I
 WaveVNhfb     Wave version number  of hfb-table           I
 WaveVNsfr_m   Wave version numbers of 3 sfr/m-table     3 I
 WaveVNmf_aas  Wave version number  of vlf/mf aas-tab      I
 WaveVNsfr_e   Wave version numbers of 3 sfr/e-tables    3 I
 WaveScale     Wave scale factor                           I
 SuleicaVN     Suleica version number of suleica-tabl      I
 Seconds       Seconds of hour (0-3599)                    S
 Quality       Quality (0 = no errors)                     I

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