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From below this menu select the database file in which your IRM data occurs. Consult the catalogue on the previous menu if you are not completely sure of your requirements. The definitions of the parameters stored for IRM are available from the Information menu in the Data Fields Catalogue.

The data itself is stored in REXEC files on optical disc and is selected by using the filename. The files are named according to the year, day and hour of the first record in the file. The records within each file are stored in time order.

The data retrieval menu option gives the user a range of filenames to select the required data from. The start day and time of the data required is selected along with the number of five second records required. A small selection of options is available. If you require other parameters or more than one, please consult the WDC management. After selection, the original R-file is on disc in directory WDC$AMPTE for direct use under the R-EXEC software.

Data is currently available for between 1st September 1984 and 20th March 1985, inclusive.

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