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This menu is used to select the data file and period of the data together with the parameter required.

The first option selects the file from which the data will be chosen. It is named by the year, day_of_year and hour_of_day of the first record in the file. All data-files are time ordered. A default has been chosen of; IRM84_248_07, for the first menu option period. This is the data from 4th September 1984 with a start at hour 07 in the morning (24 hour clock).

The next option is the day of the required data period. The default in this case is the day of the start of the file. Other choices are available for files which run onto another day (or days).

The third option is the start time of the data required. Please select using the 24 hour clock from midnight. The default value of zero indicates the start of a day or for the first day the start of the file.

The fourth parameter is the the number of 5 second records supplied from the start time. The default here is one hour of information. From 5 minutes upto 48 hours may be selected at one time.

The fifth and last parameter is the data file parameter required from the file. The names available for selection are the data file's names the quantities and a description may be found in the data fields catalogue. The default option here is Bz, the field vector length for the Magnetometer measurements. Many other options are available. There are 121 parameters in the file so please consult the WDC management for access of those not listed on this menu.

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