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Other Ionospheric Data Catalogue

This catalogue lists data received up to the present day for relevant sites.

Vertical Incidence Soundings Catalogue

This catalogue lists all data received from 1931 to the present day (except that Slough ionograms from before July 1957 are not yet catalogued), and is updated daily as new data arrives.

Vertical Incidence Monthly Ionosonde Data

Data are available currently from the following stations:

                     Latitude  Longitude   Local     Data Available
                                          Mean Time
                     --------  ---------  ---------  -------------------
  Slough              51.5~N      0.6~W     0~       Jan 1967 - Dec 1995
  RAL                 51.6~N      1.3~W     0~       Dec 1993 - present 
  South Uist          57.4~N      7.3~W     0~       Jan 1985 - Jul 1990
  Port Stanley        51.7~S     57.8~W    60~W      Mar 1967 - present
  Halley  Bay         75.5~S     26.6~W    30~W      Jan 1971 - Nov 1980
  Argentine Islands   65.3~S     64.3~W    60~W      Jan 1971 - Feb 1989
  South Georgia       54.3~S     36.5~W    30~W      Jan 1971 - Sep 1978
  Lerwick             60.8~N      1.2~W     0~       Oct 1991 - present

Source data for each station are kept on either online in a series of directories or stored offline for retrieval on request.

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