Vertical Incidence Soundings Catalogue

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Catalogue of Vertical Incidence Soundings Data

This option allows you to determine which data are held at WDC-C1. The catalogue lists all data received from 1931 to the present day (except that Slough ionograms from before July 1957 are not yet catalogued), and is updated daily as new data arrives.

The catalogue holds information on 4 types of ionosonde data;

  1. TABULATIONS - tables of scaled parameters (foF2, etc.) on paper, microfilm or microfiche, normally hourly values but sometimes monthly summary data only

  2. IONOGRAMS - normal ionograms on film or paper;

  3. F-PLOTS - graphical plots of scaled parameters;

  4. DIGITAL DATA - hourly values and monthly summary data on magnetic tape in draft international exchange format (see Ionospheric Network Advisory Group (INAG) Bulletin 45, November 1984).

In all cases the holdings are indicated on a monthly basis by displaying the first letter of that month.

If you find any errors or omissions in the catalogue, please let us know. We aim to make this catalogue as accurate as we possibly can.

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