Other Ionospheric Data Catalogue (IONCAT)

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Catalogue of Other Ionospheric Data (held at WDC-C1)

This option allows you to determine what ionospheric data, other than vertical incidence data, are held in the WDC. The catalogue lists all data received and is updated daily as new data arrive in the WDC. The catalogue holds information on absorption measured by riometers. The holdings are indicated on a monthly basis by displaying the first letter of that month.

You can select either of two queries from a menu:

  1. You can specify an observing station by its master name (or any recognised alternative name) and the type of data recorded (there is an on-line menu). If this station is in our catalogue, you can then determine what data are available for any range of years.

  2. You can request a list of all stations recording a particular type of data within any area, which is specified in terms of latitude and longitude limits. You can then determine what data are available from these stations for any year.

If you find any errors or omissions in the catalogue, please let us know. We aim to make this catalogue as accurate as we possibly can.

To order data please use the message facility provided as option 9 of the database service. The data will be sent by post so please remember to give your address.

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