The Proposed GBDC Planning Cycle

We will receive data from the Cluster Joint Science Operations Centre (JSOC) once a week. From this we will compile the list of "events" which are the basis of the predictions you will receive from us via these pages. We will receive five classes of orbit and operations predictions for any date and UT (time t). The first three are to allow us to make input to the Cluster SWT/JSOC planning: For information and to allow us to refine our plans, we will also give In addition, we hope to arrange a sixth classification with JSOC:
For any one configuration with your ground observatory site, the predictions given will always be the most up to date, and will carry the T, I, R, A, F, or P status flag. For each event listed there will be a further classification according to the data-taking plans of JSOC: We will also convey information from the JSOC on satellite separations and configurations, instrument modes and the planned start and end times of each data taking period.

The predictions pages will offer you the chance to log your plans, which will be used by your representative, Hermann Opgenoorth, at Cluster Science Team (SWT) meetings to try, wherever possible, to prevent plans you find favourable from being changed. They will also automatically be passed on to JSOC and displayed on these WWW pages. These pages will also offer you an opportunity to log any important events for which you find the plans are unfavourable and we can then request the SWT to change them accordingly. To have a realistic chance of influencing an unfavourable plan and to ensure that a favourable plan is not changed, your input would be needed before t-3 months. The earlier you let us know, the more chance there is to accommodate your plans with SWT's and JSOC's. If you foresee problems with these draft arrangements with JSOC, please let us know now .
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25-SEP-1995 Richard Stamper