Satellite - Ground Based Coordination Sourcebook, ESA-SP-1198

M.Lockwood, M.N.Wild and H.J.Opgenoorth (eds)
ESA Publications, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, June 1997

Table of Contents

M.Lockwood & H.J.Opgenoorth vii
Application of Ground-Based Data 1
Principles of combined ground-based and satellite studies of solar-terrestrial phenomena
M.Lockwood & H.J.Opgenoorth 3
AMIE Procedure and its Application
G.Lu et al. 15
Toward An Effective Comparison Between Radar and Spacecraft Observations
Y.Kamide 25
Preliminary studies on a new oval index: Comparisons of AE and meridional magnetometer chains
K.Kauristie et al. 35
A New Family of Geomagnetic Disturbance Indices
H.J.Opgenoorth et al. 49
Ground-based Observatories 63
The United States Automatic Geophysical Observatory (AGO) Program in Antarctica
M.J.Engebretson et al. 65
British Antarctic Survey's ground-based activities complementary to satellite missions such as Cluster
J.R.Dudeney et al. 101
IMAGE magnetometer network
A.Viljanen & L.Häkkinen 111
MACCS: Magnetometer Array for Cusp and Cleft Studies
W.J.Hughes & M.J.Engebretson 119
The CANOPUS Ground-based Auroral Instrument Array
T.J.Hughes et al. 131
Svalbard optical observations relevant for coordination with spacecraft
B.Jacobsen et al. 145
Prospects for Satellite/Ground-Based Coordination at Eureka
D.J.McEwen 153
Use of Ground-Based Imaging Networks in Studies of Magnetospheric Dynamics
R.J.Pellinen et al. 163
Auroral Photometer Measurements in Antarctic: The Zhong Shan Station
K.U.Kaila et al. 181
CUTLASS - A tool for co-ordinated satellite/ground based investigations of the Solar Terrestrial System
M.Lester et al. 191
CADI Digital Ionosonde Measurements for the Northern Polar Cap
J.MacDougall 203
The use of imaging riometers in satellite-ground correlation studies
P.Stauning 213
Incoherent Scatter Radars
I.W.McCrea & M.Lockwood 239
Balloon Observations 267
Balloon campaigns for magnetospheric research
K.Torkar & H.Slamanig 269
Satellite Monitoring Observations 279
Using Los Alamos Geosynchronous Energetic Particle Data in Support of Other Satellite Missions
G.D.Reeves et al. 281
Field line models 291
Data-Based Magnetic Field Models: \ status and Future Prospects
T.I.Pulkkinen et al. 293
Comparisons Between HEOS Magnetic Field Data and Tsyganenko 87 Model Near Cusp Crossings
P.Robert & A.Roux 319
Uses and Abuses of Field-Line Tracing
M.A.Hapgood 335
Data Facilities 347
Visualization of IACG Data
Ramona L.Kessel 349
ADAF and the AGONET Program: The Antarctic Ground Based Observations Data Center
M.Candidi et al. 353
Cluster-Ground Based Data Centre
M.N.Wild & M.Lockwood 361
An On-Line Directory of Ground-Based STP Observatories
R.Stamper et al. 367


08-FEB-2001 Richard Stamper