Comparison of the original and reanalyzed Chilton data from December 1993

These comparisons have exposed several differences between the data at each of the ionosonde sites. In order that the foibles of ADEP scaling could be in some way deconvolved from the other effects, the data from December 1993 were reanalysed. By doing this it was hoped to reveal those differences that can be attributed to the idiosyncrasies of ADEP which can only be countered by experience.

A comparison of the two sets of December 1993 data illustrates the types of error that ADEP can introduce. The data that was reanalysed after several months experience with the ADEP package differs from the initial analysed data in several significant ways. For most parameters, there is approximately four percent of scaled values that are no longer considered valid. Experience with ADEP has enabled the scaler to over rule certain values that would previously have been accepted. This gives some indication of the percentage of a parameter's values that are incorrectly attributed by ADEP. When the common data are plotted against each other, the newly scaled parameters such as foF2, fxI, h'f and h'f2 are on the whole very similar to the original scaled values, with only the occasional rogue point. For some of the other parameters however, there are significant differences between the scaled parameters.

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18/02/97 Chris Davis