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It is not immediately obvious that the total solar eclipse will have anything to do with radio reception. However you may have noticed that radio reception can be very different at night compared to during the day. 

On medium wave, for instance, foreign broadcast stations can be heard that are not there during the day. If you are trying to listen or transmitting on short wave  radio bands then you will have to change the  frequency that you are using throughout the day and night to maintain contact. This is because some frequencies will not work during the day that work during the night and visa versa

The darkness produced by a solar eclipse is significantly different from normal night-time offering unique opportunities for those who use radio on VLF/LF/MF and HF  radio bands

This unique occassion can be used  by radio amateurs to "listen" to the eclipse on the radio and help scientists learn something about the environment at the same time. 

Many members of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)  are involved already.

And you do NOT need to be in Devon or Cornwall to do these experiments them.

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11/02/1999 Ruth Bamford