Highest scalable frequency, fxI

This parameter has a large percentage of common values. For most months in this study, the percentage is above eighty percent, with only January (67%) and April (36%) below this figure. When the data from each site are plotted against each other, there is a systematic difference in the offset of the best-fit from the expected line. This difference is equivalent to the fxI measured at Chilton being ~ 0.1 Mhz higher than at Slough. This difference has been tracked down to the ADEP scaling package. When automatically scaling fxI, ADEP attributes a value that is slightly too high. This difference, when viewed on the screen, is very small, of the order of a few pixels and so it is easily overlooked. This accounts for the systematic offset and as a result, we conclude that the values of fxI are in fact the same from both instruments.


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15/05/97 Chris Davis