Into The Red Dragons Lair

directions_bus Depart by coach with fruit/snack provided 11:15h-11:30h (coach will not wait for you); please ensure that you have a good (big) early breakfast before the morning session and if you have any condition which requires food at set times, please ensure you bring adequate provisions since we will not be having a lunch this day, only snacks en route followed by afternoon tea around 16:15h/16:30h (see next item).

local_activity Big Pit National Coal Museum, Blaenavon, Wales, UK

Big Pit gives a unique insight into the history of the development of Wales as we know it. Big Pit (named because it was the first shaft in Wales large enough to allow two tramways) opened in 1880. At its height, Big Pit employed 1,300 men digging around a quarter of a million tons of coal a year. By 1913, the largest coal exporting port in the world was in South Wales, served by Big Pit and other coal mines in the surrounding areas. Railways were built with the sole intention of transporting coal from the South Wales mines to the ports.

Visitors are able to descend in pit cages to the underground mines that were worked for generations (~100 years) by the people living in the surrounding towns and villages, and exhibitions and displays housed in the former colliery buildings guide you through the history of coal mining in this area, with special insights from former miners.

Please note that this may not be suitable for those fearful of dark and/or enclosed spaces – but there are things to explore above ground for those not wanting to take the underground tour.

The visit is free, as is the tour, but donations to the Museum and its guides are greatly appreciated on the day.

local_cafe Afternoon Tea – The Lion Hotel, Blaenavon .

star Additional Surprise Event to follow afternoon tea (participants will find out on the evening before leaving The Lion Hotel).

directions_bus Expect to be arriving back to Cardiff between 21:30h and 22:00h.