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Prof. Lin Shaohua, Director Tel: +86 22 2401 0803
WDC for Oceanography Fax: +86 22 2401 0926
National Marine Data and Information ServiceE-mail: shlin@mail.nmdis.gov.cn
State Oceanic Administration Home Page: http://wdc-d.coi.gov.cn
93 Liouwei Road, Hedong District
Tianjin, 300171

Maintained by: State Oceanographic Administration, collocated with National Oceanographic Data and Information Center.

Summary of Data Held: Data from domestic and international marine research projects, ships of opportunity, marine research vessels and offshore platforms:

Oceanographic station data
Ocean current data
Wave data from coastal stations
T and S data
Cruise and data report of China-U.S.A. Joint Air-Sea Interaction: studies in the Western Tropical Pacific Ocean
Oceanographic observations at coastal stations, 1960-1982
Marine geophysical data
Side analysing marine sediments data
Marine geochemical data
Marine meteorological data from coastal stations
Marine ice data
Oceanic manganese nodule data
Marine biological data
Marine pollution data

User Services: Computer readable data and products on magnetic tape and/or disks are available.

Publications: Pacific Oceanographic Atlas, Atlantic Oceanographic Atlas, Indian Ocean Oceanographic Atlas, China-Japan Joint Research Program on the Kuroshio Oceanographic Atlas, Cruise and Data Report on China-U.S.A. Joint Air-Sea Interaction, Studies in the Western Tropical Pacific Ocean, Oceanographic Observations at Coast Station 1960-1978, Oceanographic observations 1954-1978, Oceanographic Standard Profiles 1960-1982, Tidal Current Table in China Sea, World and China Tide Tables, Oceanographic and Meteorological Observations at China Coast Stations 1960-1969.

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