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This WDC is currently being restructured
Dr Pavel Vysko_il, Director Tel: +42 2 685 7965
Dr Jaroslav Sidek
WDC for Recent Crustal Movements Fax: +42 2 685 7056
International Center for Recent Crustal Movements
25066 Zdiby 98
County PrahaVychod
CZECH REPUBLIC Internet: vugtk@earn.cvut.cz

Maintained by: International Center for Recent Crustal Movements.

Summary of Data Held: Digital data on recent crustal movements, according to geographic coordinates (mainly vertical component of movement). Detailed data on vertical and horizontal movements in special areas. Bibliographical data on publications relating to recent crustal movement studies.

User Services: The data archive, library and map room are open to visitors by prior arrangement. Information can be provided on written request. The main data service is the provision of data on magnetic tapes. The Center provides consultation, training in methods of monitoring recent crustal movements (especially for developing countries) and study visits.

Data Products, Publications, Catalogs: ICRCM Bulletin , published twice yearly, containing reports on activities, lists of material available in the Center, current information on meetings and symposia, and scientific communications. It also issues the collection of survey maps of the territories of subcommissions of the Commission on Recent Crustal Movements, showing areas and localities covered by recent studies. The guide book Procedures for Monitoring Recent Crustal Movements, Vol. 1, has been published for specialists in developing countries and Vol. 2 is in preparation.

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