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Dr. Marsel Z. Shaimardanov, Director Tel: +7 08439 25 181
WDC for Meteorology Fax: +7 095 255 2225
All-Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information E-mail: marsel@meteo.ru
6 Korolev St. Home Page : http://www.meteo.ru
Kaluga Region, 249020

Maintained by: Federal Service of Russia for Hydrometeorology and Monitoring of the Environment.

Summary of Data Held:

Surface meteorology: 600 magnetic tapes, containing data for 1891-1994, the maximum number of stations for individual periods being 7,000; 40 magnetic tapes with gridded data (5x10; 5x5; 2.5x2.5 degrees) for 1880-1991; CDROMs with data for 1871-1992; 48,500 publications with summarized data for 1891-1994.

Marine meteorology:200 magnetic tapes with ship observations for 1890-1994.

Aerology: 195 magnetic tapes with data from 800 stations for 1960-1994; 4 CDROMs with data for 1980-1991; 2,980 publications with summarized data for 1947-1994.

The data are in the form of magnetic tapes, diskettes, CDROMs, and hard copies. Data can be transferred in standard formats to diskettes and magnetic tapes. Long term data series, quality controlled global and regional data sets are available.

User Services: The WDC-Russia provides copies of data and information products, information on incoming data; use of library, e-mail, fax and post.

Publications: Catalogs of data and information, annual reports of WDC-Russia activities and prospects.

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