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Valeri S. Shcherbakov , Director Tel: +7 095 192 8018
WDC for Marine Geology and Geophysics Fax: +7 095 192 9698
Glav NIVC MNR RF E-mail: vshcher@gbdgi.ru
32A, Marshal Tukhachevski Street Home Page: http://www. rfimnr .ru/projects/wdcmgg.html
Moscow, 123585


Maintained by: UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, Government of Russian Federation (State Property Committee), Russian Federation Committee on Geology and Use of Mineral Resources, Ministry of Science and Technological Policy, Geophysical Committee of Russian Academy of Science, International Informatization Academy (UN). The WDC-Russia is collocated with the National Marine Geological and Geophysical Data Center.

Summary of Data Held:

Metadata Base (5 files, 179 parameters, 2265 cruises).

Geology (27 files, 915 parameters, 320 cruises).

Geological stations (3 files, 72 parameters, 1026 cruises, 63700 geological sampling stations).

Deep Sea Drilling Project (33 files, 433 parameters, 96 cruises, 1112 holes).

Bathymetry (4 files, 3 parameters, 64 Mb).

Ocean Drilling Program (20 files, 462 parameters, 29 cruises, 409 holes).

GEOphysical DAta System (2 files, 81 parameters, 4158 cruises).

Shore Line (6 files, 6 scales to 1:50,000, 79 Mb).

Collections (20 collections of geological samples, thin sections, bottom photos, TV survey, microfilms of seismic, side scan sonar and seismoacoustic profiles, seismic primary records on magnetic media).

GIS data and maps (scales 1:2,500,000-1:100,000) for geology, geotechnical properties, hydrogeology and ecology of Black Sea region.

User Services: Preparing and disseminating data bulletins, information, collections and data sources; data of databases; specimens of sediments, rocks and copies of nondigital data collections and sources of data; scientific products. Regular training for marine geological and geophysical data collection and management.

Publications: Bulletins of MGG data, information, collections and data sources. Track lines of geophysical profiles and positions of geological/geochemical data on worldwide charts. Instructions and standards for data collection, processing and holding. Training Courses programs and reports. Digital maps. Monographs, scientific papers and reports.

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