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OMNI Field Definitions

Copyright WDC C1 for STP at RAL.

The meaning of the fields in the OMNI database is as follows;

  Date       - 3 components: year (4 digits) month day
  Time       - 3 components: hour minute seconds
  SC_IMF     - spacecraft number for IMF data (see "Further information")
  SC_SW      - spacecraft number for solar wind data (see "Further information")
  N_mag      - Number of fine time scale IMF measurements used
  N_sw       - Number of fine time scale solar wind measurements used
  FMA        - Field magnitude average
  MAFV       - Magnitude of the average field vector
  lat        - latitude angle of average vector
  long       - longitude angle of average vector
  Mag_field  - 5 components: Bx GSE, By GSE, Bz GSE, By GSM, Bz GSM
  s_mag_b    - error in field magnitude
  s_bt       - error in ????
  s_b        - 3 components: errors in Bx, By, Bz
  T          - plasma temperature
  Density    - plasma density (ions/cm**3)      
  Speed      - solar wind bulk flow speed (km/s)
  Fl_long    - bulk flow longitude (degrees - positive from west) GSE
  Fl_lat     - bulk flow latitude (degrees - positive from south) GSE
  S_T        - error in temperature
  S_den      - error in density
  S_speed    - error in bulk flow speed
  S_fl_long  - error in bulk flow longitude
  S_fl_lat   - error in bulk flow latitude

Additional information available: