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If YOU are directly under the path of totality..... 

....and in either in Southern England, Northern France, Germany, Luxenberg, Belgium,Austria, Northern Italy, Slovaic or Ceck Republics using HF. 

If you are fortunate enough to be directly under the path then your best contacts will be people who are along the path from you. 

That is Northern France, Germany and as far as the Slovak Republic. Contacts with Romania from the UK are getting a bit far. It is best to be less than 2000 km apart from your contact. 

Getting the furthest contact during the eclipse will not necessarily give you the best results. In fact short or near vertical hops near the eclipse path are likely to produce some of the best results. However you would have to be sure to eliminate any ground wave.

Figure 3. For those people in DEVON & CORNWALL or the very south of the UK your best paths are those ALONG THE PATH OF TOTALITY. Only sky wave contacts will work. Distances should be between 200 km to 1500 km. The ideal signal is one where the reflection occurs ONLY within the path of totality.
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14/10/98 Ruth Bamford