The virtual height of the sporadic E layer, h'Es.

There was very little common data for this parameter. The highest percentage being 29 percent in April 1994. Like the critical frequency, the common points show very little correlation, with a population of points with anomalously low h'Es at Chilton. An investigation was carried out to see if these 'low h'Es' points were the same population as the 'high foEs' points seen at Chilton. The December and January h'Es data (all that was available at the time of the test) were subdivided into two populations. Those below 120 km at Chilton and above 130 km at Slough were considered 'anomalously low'. There is no obvious correlation between the two phenomena of 'low h'Es' and 'high foEs' at Chilton.


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15/05/97 Chris Davis