Offline Data Holdings

Users can request copies of off-line data to be sent by FTP, post or e-mail as appropriate, or they are welcome to visit the WDC in order to browse through the archives. Data from other WDCs can be ordered via the WDC at RAL. Other data products can be generated on request using database tools. Please contact the WDC for further details.

Digital data

Non-digital data

You can see some of our physical archive on You Tube at Treasure in the Basement - Backstage Science

Solar images in the UKSSDC WDC archive Ionospheric data bulletins in the UKSSDC WDC archive Solar images on glass plates Ionograms: Drawers of 35mm film data in the UKSSDC WDC archive
Ionogram Images

Ionogram images on various media, mainly film negatives and paper positives. Data from a worldwide network of stations from the 1930s to 1990s.

Scaled Ionosonde Data

Paper bulletins of scaled ionospheric parameters from about 200 ionospheric stations worldwide, in the date range 1931 to the present day. Formats and contents of bulletins vary.

Raw Digital Ionosonde Data Tapes

KEL ionosondes: Slough (SL051) 1992 - 1995, South Uist (US057) 1986 - 1990, Lerwick (LE061) 1990 - 1992, Stanley (PSJ5J) 1988 - 1995.
DPS-1 ionosondes: Lerwick (LE061) 1992 - 1998, Stanley (PSJ5J) 1995 - 2009, Chilton (RL052) 1993 - 2010

Solar Images in Ca II K, visible and H α light

Royal Observatory Greenwich and Cambridge Solar Observatory Images: Glass plates and prints from 1903 to 1942. Search the catalogue of images here.

Photo Heliographic Results

Data reduced from solar photographs taken at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich and other worldwide observatories for the period 1874 - 1976. Now also available online.

Riometer Chart Recorder Traces

Chart recorder traces of Ionospheric absorption from various observatories in Northern Europe.

Geomagnetic Indices Reports

Various geomagnetic indices, global and local, from a range of observatories and experimental platforms.

Active Magnetospheric Particle Tracer Explorers (AMPTE)

Summary data for AMPTE IRM, CCE instruments, paper records and slides.

Alouette II

Ionospheric data from Alouette II satellite, on 35mm film.

Viking Summary Data.

Quick look summary data for Viking satellite.

Ditton Park Archive

Documents relating to the history of radio research at Ditton Park, Slough. See for more information.