IIWG Format Help

The format is designed to allow the storage of arbitrary numbers of parameters for arbitrary times. The logical unit is the station-month; parameters for one month for one station can be stored in a single record, and a file can consist of multiple records if desired.

Record Format

Record #	Format		Description

	1	A30		Station Name
	1	A5		Station code
	1	I4		Meridian time used by station
	1	F5.1		Latitude N
	1	F5.1		Longitude E
	1	A10		Scaling type: Manual/Automatic
	1	A10		Data editings: Edited/Non-edited/Mixed
	1	A30		Ionosonde system name

	2,3	30I4*		Year
				Number of days in the month, M
				Number of characteristics
				Total number of measurements
				Number of measurements for each of the M days,NM

	4,i	12A10*		List of characteristics
	i+1,j	12A10*		Dimensions
	j+1,k	60A2*		List of corresponding URSI codes

	k+1,l	20(3I2)*	The NM sample times HHMMSS for each of the M days

	l+1,m	24(I3,A2)*	The N1 values of characteristic 1 for day 1
	...	...		...repeated for each of the M days
	m+1	24(I3,A2)	Hourly medians for characteristic 1
	m+2	24(I2,I3)	The counts for the hourly medians, Range
	m+3	24(I3,A2)	Upper quartile
	m+4	24(I3,A2)	Lower quartile
	m+5	24(I3,A2)	Upper decile
	m+6	24(I3,A2)	Lower decile

	m+7,n	24(I3,A2)*	The N1 values of characteristic 2 for day 1
	...	...		...

... repeat for each characteristic.