Status of UK Ionosondes at Chilton and Port Stanley - Update

On 31st March 2006 we posted the following warning about a possible closure of the UK Ionosondes at Chilton and Port Stanley.

"The UK's Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) has decided to withdraw funding from the UK ionosondes program which runs the Chilton and Port Stanley ionosondes. As a result, these stations will close within the 3 months following the 30th June 2006, unless alternative funding is found."

Since July 2006 the Ionospheric Monitoring group have been investigating new sources of funding, and have been able to leave the instruments running in the meantime. They now believe that there will be short term funding from April 2007, and that the immediate threat has been lifted. The UKSSDC expects to continue providing data from the Chilton and Stanley ionosondes for at least the next 14 months.

Please contact Ruth Bamford, Head of Ionospheric Monitoring at RAL, if you would like further information.