UKSSDC Privacy Policy

The UKSSDC asks its users to register in order to keep statistics on the use of data from the site.

We also ask that users let the UKSSDC know if data provided by the UKSSDC are used in any publications.

Individuals' registration details are visible only to UKSSDC staff and will not be passed on to any other persons.

For security reasons, the UKSSDC notes the IP address of the computer used to access the registration form. (The IP address is in any case recorded in web logs in the normal operation of the webserver.)

Anonymous usage statistics are provided as required to institutes or organisations responsible for reviewing and funding the UKSSDC. Currently this is only the UK Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC). These statistics are of the nature of numbers of downloads, broken down by data product and types of user (for example UK Academic users).

Some data facilities on this site offer the option of returning the results of a query by email and use the registered email address for this.

The UKSSDC may occassionally contact users by email to check registration details. Users are requested to contact the UKSSDC if they wish to update their details or end their registration or view their own details as held by the UKSSDC.

The UKSSDC may also use registration details to contact a user to help them with a specific data query.