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Appendix B

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Global Precipitation Climatology Center

Contact: Dr. Bruno Rudolf Start of Operations: 1989

Global Precipitation Climatology Center

Deutscher Wetterdienst Tel: (+49) 69 80622981

Postfach 100465 Fax: (+49) 69 80622880

D-63004 OFFENBACH AM MAIN Telex: 4152817 OFDW D



Sponsor: Deutscher Wetterdienst

Summary of Data Held: Monthly precipitation observations are regularly exchanged world-wide for about 4,500 stations, in synoptic and CLIMAT messages via the WMO World Weather Watch Global Telecommunication System (GTS). These GTS-data are complemented by other international data collections (NOAA/NMC and FAO) up to world-wide 6,700 stations, which is the basis for the GPCP/GPCC interim land-surface precipitation grid. The Center has designed and operates a data processing system with the following functions:

  1. collect and archive monthly precipitation data world-wide
  2. quality control these data
  3. calculate a real mean totals on the basis of the conventional measurements over land
  4. merge these analyses with precipitation estimates from other observational techniques (e.g., satellite images), or from mode simulations in order to obtain global precipitation data sets
  5. determine the error range of the analysis results

Data Products, Publications, Catalogs: The GPCP/GPCC interim product for the earths land-surface precipitation, available on a grid of 2.5 by 2.5 degrees latitude by longitude for the period from January 1986 onwards. These results are available as digital gridded datasets via ftp as as well as on floppy diskettes including software for display of maps. Global products based on the terrestrial raingauge products combined with satellite observations and numerical weather forecasts will be available by end of 1996.


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