World Data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto

The World Data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto is operated by the Data Analysis Center for Geomagnetism and Space Magnetism, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University (DACGSM). The DACGSM has three functions; data services, education for under-graduate and graduate students and research on geomagnetism and solar-terrestrial physics.

The data available here include:
     Geomagnetic Indices
     Real-time Geomagnetic Field Data
     Geomagnetic Field Data From Observatories (Processed/Final)
     Geomagnetic Field Models

Geomagnetic Indices

1. AE (Auroral Electrojet) indices,  1957 - present
   (Final, provisional and quick-look versions)
2. Dst (Geomagnetic storm) index,  1957 - present
   (Final, provisional and quick-look versions)
3. ASY/SYM  (Mid-latitude Asymmetric and Symmetric disturbance) indices, 1984 - present
   Plots of ASY/SYM indices in PostScript format
4. Kp, ap and Ap (Planetary) indices, 1932 - present
5. Listing of the quietest and most disturbed days, 1932 - present

Real-time Geomagnetic Field Data

1. Near real-time Intermagnet QL(quick-look) plots
2. Real-time monitoring data at Shigaraki (Japan) (1 second value),   2000 - present
3. Real-time data plot from Shigaraki (Japan) with indication of the onset time of  Pi2 pulsations

Geomagnetic Field Data From Observatories (Processed/Final)

1. 1 second resolution data and plot,  1978 - present
2. 1 minute resolution data and plot, 1974 - present
3. Hourly averaged data and plot, 1890 - present
4. Yearly averaged data   [Link to WDC Boulder, USA]
5. Magnetogram image files (normal and rapid-run magnetograms), 1979 - 1996
6. Provisional geomagnetic data plots from 15 stations in one frame in PostScript format, 1994 - present
7. Magnetograms on microfilms/microfiches (on request,  with nominal charges)

Geomagnetic Field Models

1. International geomagnetic reference field (IGRF/DGRF) models
   (Magnetic charts, coefficients [1900-2000], calculation of the model value at a given location)
2. Transformation of Coordinate From Geographic To Geomagnetic (Dipole) and From Geomagnetic (Dipole) To Geographic
3. Geomagnetic field model in Japan Islands [Link to Geographical Survey, Japan]
4. Magnetopause Model


1. Online catalogue for processed/final (archieved) data [Status of Data Collection]
(with information onnewly arrived data, function of catalogue search and Data Catalogue in PDF format)
2. Publication list 
3. Ionospheric conductivity model [from IRI90 and CIRA72 models]
4. Sunspot Number [Link to Solar Influences Data Center, Belgium]