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Solar Radio Flux 10.7cm

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10.7cm solar radio flux is the solar flux density measured at a wavelength of 10.7cm. From February 14th 1947 to 1990 measurements were made near Ottawa, Canada. Since 1990 measurements have been made at Penticton, Canada.
Solar Radio Monitoring Program: http://www.drao-ofr.hia-iha.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/icarus/www/sol_home.shtml.

Daily flux readings are taken at local noon (1700UT Ottawa, 2000UT Penticton). The actual readings are available as observed values. Values scaled to remove the variation due to the varying sun - earth distance through the year are also available and are known as adjusted values.

These datasets have been updated as of 15th December 2003. Please see "Some changes to our dataset of 10.7cm Solar Radio Flux Values" for further information.

Additional information available: