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Some Changes to our dataset of 10.7cm Solar Radio Flux Values

We have found some discrepancies between our 10.7cm Solar Radio Flux values and those provided by the WDC for STP at the National Geophysical Data Centre at Boulder, USA. This data can be found at ftp://ftp.ngdc.noaa.gov/STP/SOLAR_DATA/SOLAR_RADIO/FLUX/.

As the Boulder data seemed to tally better with the data available in the archive provided by the Solar Radio Monitoring Program in Penticton, Canada who make the 10.7cm flux measurements, we felt we should update our data archive with the past Boulder WDC data. We already update the current archive with the most recent data from the WDC and the Space Environment Centre at NGDC, Boulder as it becomes available.

The discrepancies mostly occur in early data from the beginning of the dataset in 1947 to about 1965. They are typically of 10 solar flux units or less.

Whilst updating our Solar Radio Flux dataset we have taken the opportunity to expand which values we provide. See our 10.7cm help pages for an explanation of the types of flux value available. We previously provided prompt observed values and final adjusted values. For older data we provided a monthly mean of adjusted values, and since 1996 a monthly mean of prompt observed values. We also provided smoothed 12 month running means of these monthly means. From now on we will be providing prompt observed values, and daily, monthly, and smoothed values for both observed and adjusted datasets.

If you would like further information about the 10.7cm Flux datasets and their comparison, please contact a member of WDC staff. Our old datasets will remain available on request for anyone wishing to check previous work or make their own comparisons with the Boulder dataset.