Proposed EISCAT/ESR operating modes

Here are six proposed operating modes for the EISCAT/ESR radars, described both by text and by diagram. For each mode the diagrams come in two forms: GIF - small, (5K) but poor resolution; PostScript - large, (70K) with high resolution.
  • Mode 1 - Text , GIF , PostScript
  • Mode 2 - Text , GIF , PostScript
  • Mode 2a - Text , GIF , PostScript
  • Mode 3 - Text , GIF , PostScript
  • Mode 4 - Text , GIF , PostScript
  • Mode 5 - Text , GIF , PostScript
  • The diagrams are only sketches - they are not to scale. In each diagram, subplot b is a view along the Longyearbyen (L) L-shell (dashed line in subplot a) and subplot c is a view along the Tromsø (T) magnetic meridian (dotted line in a); the second dotted line is the magnetic meridian through Longyearbyen. The dotted circle is an approximate f.o.v. of a 630nm camera at L, and the two fans are f.o.v.'s of the two CUTLASS radars. u is the EISCAT UHF beam and v is that for the VHF; circles are where the ESR beam is at 350km and squares are tristatic points of the UHF, also at 350km.

    Please have a look at these proposals and send any comments or suggestions regarding these or any other possible configurations of EISCAT/ESR to Mike Lockwood ( .

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    22-SEP-1995 Richard Stamper