An Illustrated History of Ionospheric Science at RAL

J.F.Herd and staff Raising a kite transmit antenna Lunchtime at the field station

Part 1: The Development of Radio-Sounding Techniques
1920 The formation of the Radio Research Board
1920-24 Atmospheric Research Station at Aldershot
1924 The first ionospheric layer is discovered.
1927 The birth of the Radio Research Station
1932 The Second International Polar Year
1932 - Routine sounding of the ionosphere started at Slough
1935 The invention of Radar
1939 The outbreak of the second World War.
1948 More Outstations are Created
1946-1957 Post war developments
1957 The International Geophysical Year (IGY).

Part II - Ionospheric Science Enters the Space Age
1957 Sputnik 1 launches the space age
1963- Atmospheric Rocketry studies
1965 The station renamed 'Radio and Space Research Station'
1973 Site renamed The Appleton Laboratory
1979 Merger forms the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
1995 The formation of CCLRC

Petrel Rocket assembly with Dr. Paul
   Dickinson Owen Garriott's view from Skylab

RAL Ionosondes Group
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