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This data selection tool is now deprecated. The functionality is available more conveniently through the Prompt Ionospheric Database. Please try it out.

You can choose to view the date/times of availability, images of previous ionograms, the ARTIST autoscaled parameters, or true-height analysis (using POLAN with certain default options) on either the autoscaled data or the manually checked data for a specified date and station. If you retrieve a full day of ionograms the page may be quite large; soundings are normally taken half-hourly (48 ionograms per day) but are taken quarter-hourly (96 ionograms) during Regular World Days, and it takes roughly a second to generate each ionogram from the raw ionosonde data.

A basic introduction to ionosonde theory and ionogram interpretation is available.

Note that you will need to register to have access to the ionograms and scaled data.

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