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Prompt Ionospheric Database - Information

This service gives access to a collection of raw data files gathered from ionosondes, mostly in Europe, and is being developed as part of the UK contribution to the COST-271 action Effects of the Upper Atmosphere on Terrestrial and Earth-Space Communications. If you are new to ionospheric sounding, basic introductions to ionosonde theory and ionogram interpretation are available.

The data can be queried and displayed in several ways, so that you can


To query the database you must specify the following:

The station(s) for which to retrieve data.
These are shown in a selection list. Stations can be selected and deselected directly from this list or by clicking on the marked stations on the map of Europe, where a click toggles the selection status of the relevant station. It is also possible to select or deselect all stations with the appropriate buttons.
A date/time range
This is specified by giving a full date and time specification (Year,Month,Day,Hour,Minute,Seconds) for the start and end of the time range. The date can be reset to today, and moved back or forward by a day at a time using the appropriate buttons.
The result type
There are currently five types of result that can be displayed, as listed above in the description of the Facilities. It is hoped to add a quick-look facility for ionograms in the future.
The sort order
Results can be sorted by station or by time.
The destination
Results can either be displayed directly in the browser, or they can be saved to a disk file for later retrieval by FTP. In the latter case the URL from which the data can be retrieved is displayed when the query has completed.
In the event of there being a problem with a query and explanatory message will be displayed in the 'Status' panel.