International Council for Science - World Data Center System

Appendix A - ICSU Organizations and Programs



ICSU has other organizations that deal with data. The Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Services, established in 1956, covers similar areas of science to those of the WDC system, but the functions are different. The Committee on Data for Science and Technology, CODATA, formed in 1966, compiles data on physical and chemical constants and on properties of substances and materials. ICSU has fostered cooperation between FAGS, CODATA and the WDC Panel. In particular, the CODATA Working Group on Data Access (currently chaired by F. Webster, Chairman of the ICSU Panel on WDC), deals with data issues of common concern to the three bodies. This Appendix gives basic information on FAGS and CODATA, and on ICSU and ICSU-related programs that generate large amounts of data, and have links with the ICSU WDC System.

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