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Appendix A - ICSU Organizations and Programs


Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Data Analysis Services

The Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Data Analysis Services (FAGS) was formed by ICSU in 1956 and includes ten Permanent Services each operating under the authority of one or more of the interested Unions: IAU, IUGG, and URSI. Their continuous tasks are to collect observations, information and data related to astronomy, geodesy, geophysics and applied sciences; to analyze, synthesize, and draw conclusions from them; to distribute data; and to publish the results obtained. FAGS Centers process large amounts of data to derive indices or summaries characterizing the dynamics of the Earth system. It is not their prime responsibility to archive and distribute the raw data, though some FAGS Centers are also WDCs and are listed as such in Chapters 5-6 of this Guide. More information may be found in the IUGG Chronicle (Special Issue No. 194). The Permanent Services and their Directors (1995) are as follows:

International Earth Rotation Service:

(IERS: IAU-IUGG-URSI) M. Feissel (Paris, France)

International Service of Geomagnetic Indices:

(ISGI: IUGG) M. Menvielle (Orsay, France)

Bureau Gravimétrique International:

(BGI: IUGG) G. Balmino (Toulouse, France)

Quarterly Bulletin on Solar Activity:

(QBSA: IAU) T. Hirayama (Tokyo, Japan)

Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level:

(PSMSL: IUGG) P.L. Woodworth (Bidston, U.K.)

International Center for Earth Tides:

(ICET: IUGG) B. Ducarme (Brussels, Belgium)

International Ursigram and World Days Service:

(IUWDS: URSI-IAU-IUGG) R.J. Thompson (Sydney, Australia)

World Glacier Monitoring Service:

(WGMS: IUGG) W. Haeberli (Zürich, Switzerland)

Center de Données Stellaires:

(CDS: IAU-IUGG) M. Creze (Strasbourg, France)

Sunspot Index Data Centers

(SIDC: IAU) P. Cugnon (Brussels, Belgium)


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