International Council for Science - World Data Center System

Chapter 8. ICSU Panel on World Data Centers

The Panel on World Data Centers (Geophysical, Solar and Environmental) was established in 1968 at the 12th General Assembly of ICSU, to advise the Officers of ICSU on the management of the World Data Centers, and to carry out related activities. It succeeded the other ICSU bodies that created the World Data Center system for the International Geophysical Year of 1957-1958 and which supervised its operation during and after the IGY. Today the Panel oversees about forty World Data Centers which are maintained by their host countries and are responsible for collecting, archiving and distributing a wide range of data. These data cover time scales ranging from seconds to millennia and provide baseline information for research in many disciplines, especially for monitoring changes in the geosphere and biosphere-gradual or sudden, foreseen or unexpected, natural or man-made. Through its varied activities and initiatives, the Panel promotes the use of new technology, enabling good science to be done with both new and old data by the scientists of many nations.

Constitution of the Panel on World Data Centers
Approved by the International Council for Science, 1993


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