International Council for Science - World Data Center System


27 Meetings of the Panel or the Executive shall normally be called by the Chairman.

28 Meetings of the Panel shall take place approximately every two years, generally in conjunction with an Assembly of another ICSU body. A summary of actions or recommendations arising from each meeting shall be distributed to all Panel members and correspondents.

29 Meetings of the Panel may be held in conjunction with other scientific or technical meetings (i.e., "meetings of opportunity"). Efforts shall be made to ensure that a good proportion of Panel members can be present. Panel meetings may instead be fully independent events, including a range of scientific and business activities that will attract members.

30 WDC Directors and other Correspondents are encouraged to attend Panel meetings and take part in discussion.

31 All Panel members shall be contacted four months before a meeting of the Panel and invited to submit papers or reports. The agenda of the meeting and documents to be considered shall, whenever possible, be circulated beforehand. The Secretary shall circulate a summary of decisions and actions to Panel members and correspondents after meetings.

32 The Panel shall normally conduct affairs by consensus, but when an election or other matter requires to be put to the vote, all members of the Panel shall have one vote. Absent members will be invited to cast an absentee vote, preferably by electronic means. The matter will be decided by a simple majority of those voting. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

33 Extraordinary meetings of the Executive may be called at the request of a majority of the Executive.

34 Decisions of the Executive are normally reached by consensus. Should a vote on any matter be necessary, it will be decided by a simple majority of the whole Executive, each member having one vote. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

35 Decisions of the Executive shall be reported to the Panel. The Officers will decide whether any resulting actions can be taken under the authority of the Chairman, or whether they require endorsement by the full Panel.


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