International Council for Science - World Data Center System


The Panel shall use its best endeavors to further the following objectives:

1 To ensure permanent archiving and availability of geophysical, solar and environmental data, wherever possible in computer-readable form, for the benefit of the world community.

2 To establish the standards and criteria to be met by the WDCs, to review the operation of WDCs, to approve the formation and closure of WDCs, to agree and enforce the rules for exchange and availability of data, and to identify the range of WDCs and their services most needed by the world scientific community.

3 To work with other ICSU bodies to ensure the continuation of long-term monitoring of the solar-geophysical environment and the permanent preservation of the data so acquired for the benefit of the international community of users.

4 To collaborate with the organizing committees and data managers of international scientific programs, and global operational programs where appropriate, to identify their WDC requirements and to ensure that these services are provided.

5 To collaborate with CODATA and FAGS in matters of joint interest.

6 To advise ICSU as required on matters relating to scientific data within the Panel's fields of interest.


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