International Council for Science - World Data Center System


36 The normal work of individual World Data Centers in receiving, archiving and distributing data is financed by their host countries or organizations. No Panel funds are to be used in these operations of any WDC.

37 The Panel receives funds from ICSU for its basic operation. It may receive funds for special projects from ICSU and other national and international bodies. Such funds may be contracted to WDCs specifically for work on those projects.

38 Panel funds may be used to support the attendance at Panel meetings of the Chairman and Secretary, and of other Panel officers whose presence the Chairman considers necessary. They may also be used to support the attendance of members of the Executive at meetings of ICSU or other bodies at which the Chairman decides that the Panel needs to be represented.

39 Panel funds may be used to assist the attendance at Panel meetings of WDC representatives whose institutions are unable to meet the full cost.

40 Travel and other expenses necessary to carry out the Panel's objectives or projects must be authorized by the Chairman.

41 ICSU bodies or programs that appoint members to the Panel are responsible for supporting these members' attendance at meetings.

42 The Panel shall maintain its own bank accounts under the operational control of the Treasurer, or other officer acting as Treasurer.

43 Accounts shall be rendered annually to ICSU for approval.


44 Amendments to this Constitution are subject to the approval of ICSU.


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