International Council for Science - World Data Center System


14 The Panel membership represents ICSU organizations concerned with the international exchange and dissemination of geophysical, solar and related environmental data. Non-ICSU organizations may be invited to appoint members. The Panel membership should represent all aspects of the Panel's objectives as set out above. In particular, it should reflect the Panel's interest in long-term solar, geophysical and environmental monitoring as well as the needs of specific programs.

15 The Panel shall comprise the Executive as defined in paragraph 16, representatives of the World Data Centers, representatives of ICSU programs and organizations concerned with geophysical, solar and related environmental data, and liaison members.

16 The Chairman of the Panel and a Member-at-large shall be appointed by ICSU, with advice from the Panel. The Panel shall appoint its Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. The duties of Treasurer may be undertaken by another officer. One or two Assistant Secretaries may be appointed to perform duties as requested by the Chairman. These officers form the Executive.

17 Four members shall constitute a quorum for decisions of the Executive.

18 The Officers shall be appointed for a period of four years, and are eligible for re-appointment for one further term of office.

19 The Executive shall appoint representatives of the components of the World Data Center system, traditionally known as WDC-A (U.S.A.), WDC-B (Russia), WDC-C1 (Europe), WDC-C2 (Asia) and WDC-D (China), and of any other comprehensive WDC systems that may be recognized by the Panel.

20 Each ICSU body concerned with geophysical, solar and environmental science, and each major ICSU-sponsored program within the Panel's field of interest, shall be invited to appoint one member of the Panel.

21 CODATA and FAGS shall each be requested to appoint one liaison member to the Panel. The Panel will liaise with IOC and WMO.

22 Representatives of additional ICSU programs, initiatives and organizations may be appointed at the invitation of ICSU on the advice of the Panel Executive.

23 The appointment of a member to the Panel shall be taken to imply a commitment by the body making the appointment that its representative will receive proper briefing, will participate in Panel meetings, and will duly report back on the Panel's proceedings.

24 Other ICSU bodies and national members of ICSU shall be invited to appoint Correspondents to the Panel.

25 All Directors of ICSU World Data Centers shall be ex-officio Correspondents of the Panel.

26 The membership and the representation of other bodies on the Panel shall be formally reviewed at intervals of four years, although members may be co-opted at any time.


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