International Council for Science - World Data Center System


The Panel's activities to further these objectives shall include the following:

7 The Panel shall compile and publish Guides to the World Data Center system, containing information about data holdings and international programs.

8 The Panel shall give guidance and encouragement to WDCs on such matters as data catalogs, electronic communication links, working visits, new methods of data storage or dissemination, and the conversion of analog data into digital form.

9 The Panel shall promote awareness of the WDC system and its data dissemination mechanisms through publications, workshops, exhibitions, and other means.

10 The Panel shall collaborate with the Directors of WDCs to identify data sets that are most needed by ICSU bodies, global environmental studies, and other international programs.

11 The Panel may undertake or sponsor special operations to acquire data from remote or unusual sources, to convert data into machine-readable form, or to develop special analysis or applications services.

12 The Panel may designate Officers and Working Groups for specific tasks, e.g., publishing reports, executing projects, or liaising with other bodies.

13 The Panel shall report to ICSU annually or otherwise as required.


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